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contemporary art 



The Eddie Izzard Doctrine

Perfectly worded.


"I did not put on my eyebrows for this."

Dear Rain,

If I straighten my hair do you promise to stop long enough for me to walk from my car to the stadium?

No Love,

PS I don’t trust you worth shit so I’m probably bringing a jacket even though it is 90 degrees outside.

"nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already."
— I need to write this on every wall of my room. (via thisyearsgirls)
"Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you’ve survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass."
— Daniell Koepke (via faiirymushrooms)
  • me: it wont bother me.
  • me: *lies down*
  • me: it actually really bothers me. a lot. so i'm gonna think about it all night instead of sleeping.